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About Blind Drive

   Blind Drive didn't start out being Blind Drive. The first band ever put together by us was Josh, Brian, and James (Brians brother) this was back in like 95. Well Josh and Brian were only playing for a year and we couldn't really do much. That band lasted about one practice. We needed that to get us thinking about making music. Well James started to play the drums so that gave us 3 instruments. Joshs brother was also learning the Guitar, and his next door neighbor played the drums in school. We all decided to get together and play. We had two drummers two guitar players and a keyboard and none of us could sing. We played under the name BARJJ which was all our names Brian, Andrew, Ross, James, and Josh. The only song we knew was sweet dreams. That band lasted a few band practices and then we dropped out Andrew. Then we didn't play for a wile. In about 97 we started playing again with Josh, Ross, Brian, and James, now at least we could play better, the only thing was we all couldn't play the same song. We were now practicing in the apartment attached to Brians house (there grandmother now lives there). Ross finally dropped out because, well he sucked, he stopped playing guitar soon after that. Josh, Brian, and James were trying to get some songs together when Zach asked us if he could play with us. We thought Zach only played the piano but he had been taking guitar for a little more than a year and with 5 years of the piano he was real good. I think by that time James quit the band because we were getting ready to play our first gig with out him. The first song we learned together was Lucy in the sky with Diamonds and the first song we wrote was plenty of booze (we don't play either of those songs any more). For our first gig we learned What I got, Hello I love you, Caress me down, Polly, and Cocaine. We rented a big amp and some mic's to play there. There was another band playing there to and at the last minute we were canceled. We got another gig the next day though by Zachs brother for a party. What can I say we sucked I have the tapes to prove it. We always wanted to record we would call different places to see the prices and stuff. We soon got another gig, for some fat girl that I will not mention. We are now up to 1998, and James was back in the band. We had an 11 song set of mostly covers and 2 or 3 of the songs we had one of them Life Sux. We were now going by the name Grip. We got there and there were only 3 girls there, so we set up. We were waiting for more people to show up but now one did and she invited like 30 people. Well we were going to play any way but James didn't want to he was soon kicked out of the band. We didn't get much out of that gig but this surge protector (which we still use). We started to make WebPages and stuff and then we Changed our name to Blind Drive after a suggestion by Zach. Well from there we just kept writing songs and stuff until we wanted to make a c.d. and once again we needed a drummer. At first we had Josh drum but he was worse than James, then we asked a friend from school who we kicked out before practicing with him. Then we found Pat and we didn't even practice with him, we just gave him a tape of the songs. The day that we were going to record he came over and blew our minds how good he was, we were now complete. We recorded and now were back to writing songs and getting gigs, and that is the history of Blind Drive.

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